7 Secrets of Social Media Conversion

Seven Secrets of Social Media Conversion (Infographic)

7 Secrets of Social Media Infographic

Source = UNBounce.com

The 7 Secrets of Social Media Conversion

  1. Use a Landing Page
    Sending your social media traffic to a landing page improves the clarity of your message vs. a cluttered homepage.
    TIP: Use a separate landing page for each traffic source.
  2. Social Message Match
    Mirror the message and tone of your upstream ad to ensure the visitor feels like they made a “good click.”
  3. Social Proof
    Use testimonials and social media widgets to establish your authority via popularity and success indicators.
  4. Make It Easy To Share
    Don’t miss the opportunity for an influencer to share your product or service. Use familiar social media widgets to enable your message to spread.
  5. The Shortest Form
    Only ask for an email address to maximize conversions. You’ll get the remaining info later in #7.
  6. The Safety Net CTA
    Provide a secondary method for those not ready to convert to stay in your social sphere of influence.
  7. Social Discovery
    Flowton lets you turn an email into a complete profile which enables you to use the 1-field lead gen form in secret #5.

    It also prioritizes your leads according to social influence to help you target the strongest prospets.

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