Should You Design Your Own Website?

Should I Design My Own Website?

With the onset of new and improved online website design / development tools, many companies are asking themselves this very question. While there have definitely been huge improvements in design online website tools, that does not necessarily mean that building your own website is the best idea for your company.

On the surface, the idea of saving some money by building your own website can be very appealing. But, before making this decision, you should also consider all the areas of expertise that are required for building a professional, profitable website.

Not only do you need the tools to actually build an attractive web presence, but most web development projects also require vast experience in… Graphic design; Content development / management; Search engine optimization; and several different programming languages, including HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and database applications / development.

You are a specialist in your field of business. That doesn’t necessarily translate to you being a specialist in web development. As mentioned above, it takes multiple areas of expertise to create a successful, profitable website.

Being a specialist in your field, you know that you can do your job better than someone not in your profession. The same is true with web development. While the tools available today can certainly help you to create a basic website, you should carefully consider your website goals before deciding to build your own company website.

If you are only looking to have a simple, 1-3 page “brochure” website – then building your own website may indeed be for you. However, if your goals are to have a professional website that ranks highly in the search engines and actually helps your business make money, then I highly advise you to consider hiring a professional web design company for the creation of your website.

Article written by Brian Douglas – owner of – a Louisville web development company, specializing in creating professional websites that look great and achieve top rankings in the search engines.

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    • Dan says:

      We tried building our own website. We spent dozens (at least) of hours trying to create the thing ourselves, then we realized that we needed professional website design assistance. So, we called Wish we would have just did that to begin with. They made it quick and easy to get a professional website.

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